In order to give to others, we must first give to ourselves. My posts will focus on giving and being outward focused, but in order to do that effectively, we have to make sure we aren’t depleting ourselves in doing so. Self-care is critical and if you aren’t able to achieve a balance between giving and receiving, you won’t be able to do either optimally. Rule #1 about giving is giving to self so that you are able to give to others. So in this first post, I will focus on self-care.

We all want to be operating on a high positive frequency, but in order to do so it takes strong intention to ensure optimal mental health and well-being. It’s a constant effort to feed our body, mind and soul the nourishment it needs to thrive. Just like our physical body, our mind and spirit need to be exercised. Here are my 6 daily keys to promote positivity and alignment. The first 3 keys aren’t surprising but the last 3 are keys people often find more challenging to do on a daily basis.

KEY 1: Eat and Drink to Nourish your Body

Your body truly is your temple. Honour it. We all know what it feels like to feel the shift in ourselves as a reaction to something we ate. Lethargy, achiness, bloat, mind fog… blah! I work to stay focused on what food enters my home so I can balance out the meals of pure gluttony… yes, I’m a foodie! Do organic when you can, give thanks for your food and watch your mood while you are eating. Negativity in your body will impact how your body receives it. What we drink is just as important. I’ll have an organic coffee to start and then water and organic green tea the rest of the day. First thing when I wake up, I’ll put organic lemon and ginger in a mason jar filled with warm water and continue filling it throughout the day.

KEY 2: Work up a Sweat

Exercise is critical for our body and mind. Find what works for you. Whatever it is, incorporate activity into your life. It also works as a natural antidepressant. My yoga studio has been my sanctuary. Not only because I get a great workout, but it’s also become my community. Remember, these are daily keys so find a variety of activities, alternate intensities and get moving. I now put on my runners at the office and do my conference calls while taking a walk.  

KEY 3: Sleep Baby, Sleep

I can’t stress this one enough. Our quality of sleep sets the tone for our entire day. I learned this lesson the hard way travelling multiple times a week, different hotels and time zones. As a result, my body was in chaos. I now take my essential oils, have multiple meditation apps on my phone and have a bedtime routine of reflecting on all the blessings I received that day and setting intention for the day ahead.

KEY 4: Create Something

Exercise the parts of your brain that spark creativity, innovation, excitement and inspiration. Do something new (or that you haven’t done in at least the last month) every day. Cook a new recipe, take a different route to work, walk a different path, paint a picture, do a different workout routine, write a letter, or play an instrument. Creativity activates and ignites regions in our brain that allow for self-expression and a sense of accomplishment in producing something.

KEY 5: Be Outward Focused

This key is all about being intentional about connection with others. Sending a positive email/text message, helping someone out, volunteering your time, sending good intentions to someone. Our ability to feel connected with others and gift someone with positivity shifts our beingness to be less inward focused and gain from giving. I start my day with identifying 3 people I am thankful for and sending them love and light. I volunteer often and donate 10-20% of my income. Whatever it is, get connected.

Key 6: Connect to Your Purpose

Whatever your beliefs are, it’s important to be connected to a higher vibration and understanding that the world is much bigger than just us. Source Power/Energy, The Universe, Spirit… for me, it is God. There’s no judgment on what that looks like for you, but being connected to a purpose driven life and the belief that our life was a gift for us to positively contribute to others helps grounds us and connect to ourselves and others on deeper levels. Daily connection to this higher power helps to provide guidance, healing, power, purpose, intention and love. Use prayer, meditation, gratitude, art, music, solitude, reading and other mechanisms to stay in alignment with your purpose.

Doing all 6 keys every single day can seem overwhelming. But the more you weave them into your lifestyle, they will become automatic. You can even double dip to achieve two for one (e.g.: cooking a new recipe and eating healthy). Bonus tip: the first hour of your day is sacred and can define the rest of the day. Many leaders have spoken about this as a way to “superboost” your day. I can check most of the keys off in the morning by taking a walk (physical activity) on a new route (creativity), focusing on gratitude, prayer and being intentional about my day (outward focused and purpose driven) and coming back and having a healthy shake (nutrition). Set yourself for success and provide yourself with these keys to unlock the physical, mental and spiritual nourishment you need to thrive.