Have you heard this message before?

“People start to heal the minute they feel heard”~CR

I’d like to share with you something that might take only a few minutes of your time to read. For me, the events took only a little time in my day. With compassion and a loving listen, it was really quite simple.

I went to get a pedicure (which I rarely treat myself to!) I watched as each person in their chair intensely engaged with their phone.  I did not pull mine out.  Instead I had a lovely conversation with a woman named Tina. I started with simply asking “How are you today?”. And then I listened. She shared about her children (two boys 4 and 15 months) and the challenges she was having as a mother whose working and trying to look after and provide for her family. She works long days. She’s tired. She has little time for herself. We ended our time together with some laughs (mostly at ourselves and those crazy mom moments)…I gave her a loving ear for 30 minutes and there was healing.

…when you make time to connect with others and hear their story, you too will receive the loving grace of healing.

Next, I stopped at a store I only occasionally go to. I know the owner enough that we recognize each other while out in town, so we wave hello. Usually both her and her mom are working but today her mother is not at the store. I ask how she is. She tells me that she has recently had gall bladder surgery and is still recovering. I show her some simple compassion and concern. She goes on to tell me that her mother’s brother had passed and 3 days later, unexpectedly, her mother’s sister passed too. I am so sorry for their loss. She speaks mostly of her mother’s pain but I recognize and say to her as I gently touch her hand “and it must be hard for you too, as you also have lost people you love”. Her eyes well and so do mine. I gave her a loving ear for 15 minutes and there was healing.

Next, I went to see my naturopath for a quick shot. As I am paying the receptionist, we always exchange pleasantries and some laughs. Today she knows I am going away and asks; “where?” I share with her that I am going to Italy. “Oh!” She exclaims! “It is a dream of mine to go there! I have Italian heritage!” As she shares a little more, I listen. And as I listen she shares a little more.  She tells me how she always takes her vacation time to travel home to Australia and visit her family. She shares about her sister who is terminally ill. She was able to spend 7 months with her this past year. Now that she has returned to Canada, they don’t expect her to live much more than a couple of months. She tells me that they have said everything there is to say and that with each passing day they know that they love each other deeply. My eyes well up as hers do too. She tells me, “my sister is giving me some money to go to Italy and I have promised that’s what I should do”. I warmly reply “and so you will”. I gave her a loving ear for 15 minutes and there was healing.

Today I am reminded of the immense and constant need for healing in ourselves, our community, our society and of course our world. Remember, that in every moment of every day, the person across from you – whether you know them or not, has a story.  You have no idea what’s going on in their life and how their day is going. Simply taking a little time to ask, connect and listen from a space of love will create an impact. A simple gesture can make a difference. And I assure you, when you make time to connect with others and hear their story, you too will receive the loving grace of healing.