Alice is the Managing Partner of TGA Global Consultants, a family office in wealth and business advisory working with numerous experts nationally to educate and inspire positive change regarding wealth, business and personal well-being. She is an expert at cultivating successful teams and partnerships that are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Alice and her team believe in partnerships that share an unconditional passion in building dreams together.   

Her talent in creating meaningful long-term relationships allows her to connect at an unwavering depth for those who gets to experience her.

For over a decade, Alice has created partnerships in a variety of corporate environments where she trained, developed and fostered the growth of many talented leaders. Many of the talents who she has had the pleasure of mentoring have now taken key leadership roles in the corporate word or are leading entrepreneurs themselves.     

She devotes much of her time to investing in personal growth & development by being involved and contributing her energy to the communities with those who practice this work consistently. She appreciates those who share the same aspiration in uplifting one another in playing a greater game in life.  

Alice is the first up for new and fun experiences! In fact she often cultivates groups of people together for the experience. From boxing to motorcycle riding, to jumping off 40 foot poles and rocking 4inch stiletto heels wearing a fitted pencil skirt. Alice is a women who truly defines her own power no matter where in the world she stands. She credits her self-confidence with surrounding herself with a solid inner circle of support as well as staying in tune with her spirituality. Through the practice of hot yoga, crystal healing, studying, meditation and a healthy vegetarian diet, she has the ability to frequently re-align herself with the universal truth of unconditional love and compassion for the world.     

In her personal life, she is passionately in love with her supportive husband. Not only does she play the role of a wife at home, she also plays the role of a business partner to him. The duo have been in business together for the last 4 years. With the added layer of having a working dynamic with her husband, Alice is on a clear mission in creating a resilient family legacy for future generations to come.  


“Alice is clearly a leader among leaders. Her ability to grow at such a rapid rate has enabled her to become an expert in various fields and earn the respect of high profile and successful business owners around the world. I have worked with her for the last 4 years and I am still amazed at the level of value she brings to our business. – G.S.P.”