Have you ever been so excited to go on a trip, counting down days, planning each and every detail, only to feel extremely disappointed by it and even wishing you were home instead? I know many people have been in that situation.

Too often we blame others for our disappointment, not realizing we have the CHOICE and ability to fix our situation.

Over the past three weeks, I have been to Barcelona, France, Italy, Montenegro, and Toronto with my family. We enjoyed the beautiful streets of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarters and the Sagrada Familia Church by Anton Guidi. Many of these places were huge bucket list items checked off for me!

Between my brother, my parents and I, we each had different interests and goals for the trip which made things complicated. Many of these could have been avoided by discussing our priorities before we left. So it really got me thinking: what if I could understand myself and my family better while traveling? Thus, I took a Myers-Briggs test and a few travel quizzes.

Too often we blame others for our disappointment, not realizing we have the CHOICE and ability to fix our situation.

From the Myers-Briggs test, I scored as an ENFP: ‘Free-spirited, sociable, emotional, creative, who yearns for connections. They are travel driven by inspiration, curiosity, and meaning. They aim to make beautiful memories, interact with locals and enjoying authentic cultural experiences to further understand the world around them. They enjoy spontaneity, instead of a thought out day to day schedule and see the world through a big lens.’

My mentor once told me, “No one can drive you crazy. No one can MAKE you feel a way that you don’t allow. You alone are responsible.” A couple days into our trip, I took some time to reflect on how I responded to the disagreements with my family and how I could change the way I contribute to a more enjoyable experience for everyone since I knew we still had another two and a half weeks together! I started stepping out to be alone for a few hours to recharge and enjoy some things that were really important to me. Even my mom joined me a few times too and we got to share some of these things together.

Armed with my new awareness, I’m gearing up for my next group travel. Here are 3 questions I believe is worth discussing before starting your trip, to smooth out any wrinkles and make sure that everyone gets what they are looking for while they travel.

  1. What type of traveler are you? (Try 16 Personalities or Travel Personalities)
  2. What are your top priorities? What comes first? Food, adventure, culture, shopping, low budget things to do? Or the most luxurious excursion?  
  3. What are your trip expectations? Are there things that you must do? A certain restaurant or activity?

What is your personality test result? Do you do anything special before leaving on a trip with others? Share in the comments below!