Alice Tso-Persall


Alice is the Managing Partner of TGA Global Consultants, a family office in wealth and business advisory working with numerous experts nationally to educate and inspire positive change regarding wealth, business and personal well-being. She is an expert at cultivating successful teams and partnerships that are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Alice and her team believe in partnerships that share an unconditional passion in building dreams together.   

Her talent in creating meaningful long-term relationships allows her to connect at an unwavering depth for those who gets to experience her.

For over a decade, Alice has created partnerships in a variety of corporate environments where she trained, developed and fostered the growth of many talented leaders. Many of the talents who she has had the pleasure of mentoring have now taken key leadership roles in the corporate word or are leading entrepreneurs themselves.     

She devotes much of her time to investing in personal growth & development by being involved and contributing her energy to the communities with those who practice this work consistently. She appreciates those who share the same aspiration in uplifting one another in playing a greater game in life.  

Alice is the first up for new and fun experiences! In fact she often cultivates groups of people together for the experience. From boxing to motorcycle riding, to jumping off 40 foot poles and rocking 4inch stiletto heels wearing a fitted pencil skirt. Alice is a women who truly defines her own power no matter where in the world she stands. She credits her self-confidence with surrounding herself with a solid inner circle of support as well as staying in tune with her spirituality. Through the practice of hot yoga, crystal healing, studying, meditation and a healthy vegetarian diet, she has the ability to frequently re-align herself with the universal truth of unconditional love and compassion for the world.     

In her personal life, she is passionately in love with her supportive husband. Not only does she play the role of a wife at home, she also plays the role of a business partner to him. The duo have been in business together for the last 4 years. With the added layer of having a working dynamic with her husband, Alice is on a clear mission in creating a resilient family legacy for future generations to come.  


“Alice is clearly a leader among leaders. Her ability to grow at such a rapid rate has enabled her to become an expert in various fields and earn the respect of high profile and successful business owners around the world. I have worked with her for the last 4 years and I am still amazed at the level of value she brings to our business. – G.S.P.”      



Claudia Quinonez

Claudia is a strong leader, living her life to the fullest while challenging herself to continue to grow and learn. She has a passion to empower women to become their best self and conducts women empowerment workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a mother of two young boys, Claudia is determined to bring mothers together to acknowledge their worth and remind them to have fun and that WE CAN DO IT!
Claudia has been contributing to the non-profit field for over 12 years, by overseeing projects and programs that support the education of young children in San Francisco and El Salvador.
During the weekend you usually can find Claudia spending time with her family and friends or attending her children sports events. Soccer mom!
Claudia loves dancing and can move those hips! So much that she teaches Zumba classes 3-4 times a week and performs with a women salsa group throughout the year.

Esther Lam


Esther believes in the importance of feeding the soul and to hone in on the beauty of authentic expression through each and everyone’s personal medium of choice. Her hope is to inspire individuals around her to be open to exploring who they are at their core, to own their beauty, their struggles and know that between it all – it’s all meaningful – all important to one’s journey. We owe it to ourselves to discover what our own happiness is. And the more we LOVE ourselves, the more LOVE we can share with those around us!

Her journey of self-love began when she was 19. After being introduced to a series of leadership courses in her city – Calgary, Alberta, she began to realize the power and responsibility she had to create the reality she desired. At that time she was attending the University of Calgary. Upon completing her 3rd year, she found herself beginning to enter a state of depression, which led her to acknowledge her disinterest in Accounting and decided to take a year off for her mental sanity and to explore her heart’s desires.

From then, she found a passion for travelling. She also became an RMT and committed to attending more personal development courses. Her blog, Lov3stia came to life in 2013 during a 90-day coaching program and she realized curating content via photography, sharing meaningful moments and ideas was one of the things that made her happy. From food adventures, story based modeling-photography posts (she aspires to use modeling as a medium of expression to express her everyday thoughts of growth and struggles), her content expanded into areas of traveling and business collaborations with entrepreneurs. Traveling every month or two for the past 3 years and accumulating over 80 flights to date, makes this woman an avid jet-setter!

When she isn’t busy healing individuals through her therapy work or having meaningful conversations with her close friends – while exploring food and hanging out with her cat, you can find her in another city, filling up her dance tank. In the past 3 years, Esther has also reignited her passion for dance and has fallen in love with a dance form called Brazilian Zouk. Dancing has motivated Esther to travel ridiculously more, to learn, experience and bring back the knowledge she has gained from each city and teach. She believes dancing is another form of authentic expression where one is honouring another soul as though they are moving through air and water, connected together, surrendering to music and energy.

Learn more about Esther at

Esther Rhee


Esther’s world revolves around yoga, her 13 nieces and nephews, and her best bud, Brooklyn the Chocolate Lab.

As a Social Worker, Esther has built a life focused on creating meaningful connections with people and building stronger communities. She’s worked in over a dozen not-for-profits, helped build over 250 programs across Canada and has worked as a Clinical Therapist for 10 years. She currently works as the National Program Director of Autism Speaks Canada, representing Canada in the world’s largest autism-focused charity. Esther considers volunteering a way of life. She started volunteering at age 8 and has never stopped, giving 300 hours a year to support various charities and causes. Esther has been featured on CTV, Global News, CityTV, CBC News The National, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and many other media outlets and has been published in the Journal of Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders. She does some pretty cool stuff like speaking at the House of Commons and writing proposals for the federal budget. Her 2016 TEDx talk titled “The Autism World: Choosing In” focused on how before any change occurs, a choice must be made. She’s now producing the next TEDx show in Toronto.

When she’s not on an airplane (58 flights last year), you can find her in the kitchen whipping up some healthy recipes, surrounded by her cool friends and family or rocking out at her awesome church (C3Toronto). Esther is committed to a life of serving others, healthy living and abundant laughter. She envisions living in a world where giving back is the norm for everyone. Esther aspires to build meaningful connections wherever she goes.

Cher de la Cruz


Cher envisions a world where all women and girls are empowered to rise up from any and all adversity, recognize their worthiness and share their gifts with the world.

While she was never proud to be a “college drop out” – she attended George Brown College for Graphic Design, but found the course material boring and not for her – she has embraced the fact that the path she has taken has brought her to exactly where she was meant to be. After nearly a decade working in the financial industry, Cher found a stable government job working closer to home which allowed her to spend more time with her husband and two children. During this time she continued to design as a hobby and would print custom iron-on shirts as gifts for her friend’s daughters. She received lots of great feedback to develop this into a business, so she did! She launched FemFab in 2010, and participated in The National Women’s Show in Toronto and a handful of smaller shows in the area. Her motivating and inspiring t-shirts were also featured in the celebrity swag bags for the 2010 Toronto Film Festival. Bono and Madonna were just a few of the lucky ones who were gifted with a FemFab tee! Fast forward to 7 years later, in January 2017 after a long hiatus, she heard her calling to resign from her comfy government job and take the leap to pursue her vision of building FemFab full-time.

Cher believes in strengthening her mind, heart and soul though connections, sharing and constant loving and learning. She attributes much of her “limitless” mindset to a series of leadership courses she attended in California. At 43 years young, she says she feels “Stronger Than Ever” and is constantly striving to learn new things, question why and push herself past her comfort zone. She says “that is where the magic happens!” If she’s not at the gym, volunteering at C3 Church, or PSI Seminars, you might find her workshopping or creating plans for her next big adventure…

Cher believes that we are all born pure and perfect with the power to influence and create a shift in the human consciousness, elevating the world’s vibration.

Elena Barragan


Elena wants to live in a world where people measure their happiness by how they feel, and not how they look. Where numbers are not important, and scales do not exist. Elena suffered from Eating disorders for 19 years, and her message is simple. Look within for beauty and confidence and it will exude happiness and positivity on the outside.

As a Fitness Instructor and motivational self image speaker, she’s worked for the Canadian Fitness Professional Organization and various Fitness clubs over the past 10 years, inspiring women of all ages to be themselves, and overcome their fears and insecurities. Elena has a huge following in her Group Fitness classes, with line up’s just to reserve a spot. Elena was also highlighted in canfitpro’s Member Spotlight March 2012 issue.

When she’s not teaching her Circuit or Cycle classes, she’s busy being a mom, driving her daughter to hockey, gymnastics, and soccer. You can also find her whipping up mouth watering shortbread toffee meltaways (everything in moderation), or kicking up her heels Latin dancing. Being a single mom of two kids, she has overcome many challenges, stays humble and wants all women to empower themselves to open all doors for themselves, no matter how stuck they may feel. The doors will eventually open and opportunities will be waiting.

Janice Lee


Janice is committed to living an extraordinary life, constantly evolving and challenging herself to take on new goals. She has a passion for learning and is driven to connecting others with opportunities. Her goal is to help others recognize their own greatness and empower them to shine. Her definition of success is leaving each person and place better than she found it.

A corporate sales professional with more than 15 years experience in the consumer packaged goods industry, she’s worked with large retailers and international corporations including WalMart, Unilever, Sobeys, Wrigley and ACNielsen. Janice’s tasks include: managing multi-million dollar product portfolios; driving profitable top line sales for well-known brands; and providing strategy and consumer insights to retailers to drive overall category growth.

A self-proclaimed Queen, Janice has an ambitious travel goal of exploring every continent – 4 down, 3 to go! An avid adventurer who values experiences over things, Janice enjoys the outdoors (despite her Queen tendencies), loves intimate dinner parties with great conversation and can be regularly found playing the role of human trampoline to her adorable nephew and niece.

Lisa Weigh


Lisa’s vision is to live in a world whose leaders are truly connected and committed to giving, creating and living from a space of love.

She’s dedicated to serving both in her community and globally with organizations like: Hope Story, Onside Athletics, and Soup Sisters. She is very excited, having just returned home in July from Africa. Her journey was in collaboration with a team on a mission/vision project to give children, who would never have had a chance, to gain access to school and education.

When she’s not piloting a big ass Boeing 777 (as her dear friend says it) or coaching leadership and spirituality to beautiful superwomen who want to transform their lives and businesses through Love and self-love, you’ll find her coaching her sons’ soccer team, planning a yoga date, and definitely loving and embracing as much fun, travel and play-time as possible with her husband and two young sons.

She looks at every challenge, trigger and obstacle as an opportunity to Expand in Love!
Sometimes a heavy dose of jet-lag with young children and a husband who also travels for work, is enough to stop the madness, create allowance for some dark chocolate, a little red wine and some corny sitcoms~that might just be what today’s love lesson is~💕

She’s been coaching for 20+ years. It’s her belief and philosophy that Leadership is about having a strong faith in your vision, and confidence in your power to make positive change happen. With the fast paced time and society we live in, we can get caught up in the push of everyday life….that surviving not thriving vibe. So isn’t it time to give your super hero cape a little break? You don’t have to put it away (even though it’s really you, not the cape😉) Invite a little faith and flow…take the opportunity to expand in love.

When we focus on the love and light within and accept that we are beautiful and meaningful, exactly who we are supposed to be, we awaken the love within. The more love you create, the more that will come back! This movement will have such an impact in the lives of those you touch, that you will know you are doing your part. You will know you are honouring your gifts!
When you live from a heart-centred space and create alignment, you are living your truest most brilliant self~RKC


Visit or follow Lisa at: and facebook

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