Cher envisions a world where all women and girls are empowered to rise up from any and all adversity, recognize their worthiness and share their gifts with the world.

While she was never proud to be a “college drop out” – she attended George Brown College for Graphic Design, but found the course material boring and not for her – she has embraced the fact that the path she has taken has brought her to exactly where she was meant to be. After nearly a decade working in the financial industry, Cher found a stable government job working closer to home which allowed her to spend more time with her husband and two children. During this time she continued to design as a hobby and would print custom iron-on shirts as gifts for her friend’s daughters. She received lots of great feedback to develop this into a business, so she did! She launched FemFab in 2010, and participated in The National Women’s Show in Toronto and a handful of smaller shows in the area. Her motivating and inspiring t-shirts were also featured in the celebrity swag bags for the 2010 Toronto Film Festival. Bono and Madonna were just a few of the lucky ones who were gifted with a FemFab tee! Fast forward to 7 years later, in January 2017 after a long hiatus, she heard her calling to resign from her comfy government job and take the leap to pursue her vision of building FemFab full-time.

Cher believes in strengthening her mind, heart and soul though connections, sharing and constant loving and learning. She attributes much of her “limitless” mindset to a series of leadership courses she attended in California. At 43 years young, she says she feels “Stronger Than Ever” and is constantly striving to learn new things, question why and push herself past her comfort zone. She says “that is where the magic happens!” If she’s not at the gym, volunteering at C3 Church, or PSI Seminars, you might find her workshopping or creating plans for her next big adventure…

Cher believes that we are all born pure and perfect with the power to influence and create a shift in the human consciousness, elevating the world’s vibration.