Everyone has a story. We all experience challenges and struggles in our lives.  We all come from different pasts. Ultimately we want the same though…to be happy and treated with respect and no judgement.

There was a time I would hide from mirrors. I remember watching the Group exercise classes and wishing i could join.  I worried what people would think and say.  I spent so much negative energy towards how others would view me, I became obsessed with it.

I used to tie a hoodie around my waist thinking i was hiding my backside, years later realizing this was actually my asset…lol.

During school, I even got out of gym class several times, pretending to be ill just so I didn’t have to face women in the change rooms. I mean they were perfect. Flawless in fact. Or at least that’s how it seemed.

Until years later, I ran into some of those same women. We were adults by now, some of us married with kids. Over coffee, tears were shed. For those same women struggled with issues that I had no idea of.

You see, you never know what goes on in a person’s head.  You don’t know their story.  You dont know where they came from or what they have gone through.

We are all guilty of judging others at some point in  our lives. We need to embrace who we are as STRONG, SMART, INDEPENDENT, and BEAUTIFUL women, no matter what our differences may be. We are unique in our own way and should allow no judgement to pass our thoughts.

In fact, we may soon realize that we are actually very much alike.  Yes, we may have different jobs, like different music, come from various educational backgrounds, look different, but what do we want really??

To be respected, not judged, to do good, and live a healthy happy fulfilled life.

Can we agree that’s what everybody wants?

Remember there is a story behind the exterior. Allow no judgement.  You may gain a new outlook on life.  Hell, you may even gain a new friend or two.

Next week I will share my personal story of how I overcame my battle with disorderly eating, specifically anorexia and bulimia. By opening up and speaking of my challenges, I hope to connect with other readers who may be going through what I did and offer some light to their darkness.