Esther believes in the importance of feeding the soul and to hone in on the beauty of authentic expression through each and everyone’s personal medium of choice. Her hope is to inspire individuals around her to be open to exploring who they are at their core, to own their beauty, their struggles and know that between it all – it’s all meaningful – all important to one’s journey. We owe it to ourselves to discover what our own happiness is. And the more we LOVE ourselves, the more LOVE we can share with those around us!

Her journey of self-love began when she was 19. After being introduced to a series of leadership courses in her city – Calgary, Alberta, she began to realize the power and responsibility she had to create the reality she desired. At that time she was attending the University of Calgary. Upon completing her 3rd year, she found herself beginning to enter a state of depression, which led her to acknowledge her disinterest in Accounting and decided to take a year off for her mental sanity and to explore her heart’s desires.

From then, she found a passion for travelling. She also became an RMT and committed to attending more personal development courses. Her blog, Lov3stia came to life in 2013 during a 90-day coaching program and she realized curating content via photography, sharing meaningful moments and ideas was one of the things that made her happy. From food adventures, story based modeling-photography posts (she aspires to use modeling as a medium of expression to express her everyday thoughts of growth and struggles), her content expanded into areas of traveling and business collaborations with entrepreneurs. Traveling every month or two for the past 3 years and accumulating over 80 flights to date, makes this woman an avid jet-setter!

When she isn’t busy healing individuals through her therapy work or having meaningful conversations with her close friends – while exploring food and hanging out with her cat, you can find her in another city, filling up her dance tank. In the past 3 years, Esther has also reignited her passion for dance and has fallen in love with a dance form called Brazilian Zouk. Dancing has motivated Esther to travel ridiculously more, to learn, experience and bring back the knowledge she has gained from each city and teach. She believes dancing is another form of authentic expression where one is honouring another soul as though they are moving through air and water, connected together, surrendering to music and energy.

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