As I round the corner saying goodbye to 2017, I am excited to say hello to 2018! There is much to reflect upon and celebrate! 2017 was a year of massive growth and expansion. There was no doubt that I stretched in all areas of life beyond my scope of imagination.

As Alice from “Alice In Wonderland” quoted, “It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then”. For me, 2017 was my yesterday and I was surely a different person then.

The woman I am as we speak, is a direct result of allowing a different person to show up in each of the 365 days of 2017. There were many battles that were won, and some that were lost. Every time I thought I became the person I was meant to be in order to navigate through my journey, I was presented with yet another opportunity to stretch beyond my perceived limitations. Many lessons were presented and I received an opportunity to learn some great lessons. I chose to love, embrace, forgive and celebrate. I chose to laugh, smile, scream and cry. I chose to share, give and receive. I chose to be beautiful and ugly. I chose to say many No’s and to say Yes where it counted the most. I chose each and every day with no regrets, no should haves and no could haves. I am exactly who I am meant to be thanks to 2017!

When the beginning of the year started, I, like most people, was off to the races with my goals set out for the new year. I was full of enthusiasm and drive to flourish in my businesses, thrive in my marriage, foster meaningful relationships, build financial wealth, connect with authenticity, embrace leadership, give back through service, leave a legacy and essentially play a bigger game in life.

I chose to love, embrace, forgive and celebrate. I chose to laugh, smile, scream, and cry. I chose to share, give and receive. I chose to be beautiful and ugly.

I was fueled with excitement and ambition to open doors, explore opportunities and build dreams. New branches of the investment business started to take form. Additional support was brought on board. Partnerships were created as it was necessary to carry out the company’s vision in building dreams together. New relationships were attracted like two magnets coming together. Those who saw value in connection came on board and those who chose not to play, slowly faded away. As the seasons changed, so did the people. It was not long before I quickly identified the quality of the uplifting relationships that I was surrounded by. Mentors gifted knowledge, supporters gifted their time, spirit and energy. Family gifted love and hope while a handful of friends grew alongside us.  

I would like take a quick journey down memory lane as I say goodbye and sign off of chapter 2017.

Farewell to spiritual quests in connecting with nature through medicinal plants.
Farewell to  a commitment in servicing a community through their personal growth journey.
Farewell to an intestinal obstruction which lead to a 4 day visit at the hospital.
Farewell to a coaching experience in a 10 day personal development course where over 100 women from around the world received leadership training.
Farewell to spiritually supporting a special individual who now has awareness on how to monitor and care for a life threatening heart condition.
Farewell to a benign lump found in the breast.
Farewell to travels to the East Coast where meaningful connections were formed.
Farewell to witnessing the weddings of 4 beautiful couples.
Farewell to an invigorating and rejuvenating getaway to Palm Springs with friends.
Farewell to the massive win in business with closing one of the largest tax savings cases in Canada for a company.
Farewell to visits by family and friends around the world.
Farewell to financial blogs shared with the FemFab community.  
Farewell to a training course in becoming a certified NLP practitioner.
Farewell to the shooting incident at Mandalay Bay during our visit to Las Vegas.
Farewell to the corporate training opportunity which lead me to a path in pursuing my purpose with personal life coaching.
Farewell to the role I played as a managing partner in the businesses with my husband.  
Farewell to a magical 4 year wedding anniversary trip to Whistler.
Farewell to an awakening experience with mass consciousness.
Farewell to a celebration of my cousin who is now training for the 2020 summer olympics.
Farewell to my discovery of my life purpose in coaching people to discover their personal power.
Farewell to my home which provided me a safe and comforting space to return to everyday.

Farewell 2017, as I sign off this chapter of my life I want to acknowledge you for the phenomenal year we experienced together. Each of the 365 days you’ve gifted me, was necessary to grow and expand. Because of your gifts, I have found a fulfilling piece of me. The piece where I can now allow myself to live a passionate purpose through helping those awaken their greatest potential. I graciously accept and honor you, I believe that there is a greater purpose that was served through the lessons, dedication, commitment, patience and partnership. It was truly a great run!

I have found a fulfilling piece of me. The piece where I can now allow myself to live a passionate purpose through helping those awaken their greatest potential.

What are some of your 2017 farewells?

With embracing arms, I would now like to say hello and welcome in chapter 2018!

A brand new 365 days to be a different me.
A brand new 365 pages to write an epic story exactly the way I want.

Welcome to moving into a peaceful new space on the 1st day of the new year!
Welcome to global leader partnerships in North America!
Welcome to carrying out my life purpose to help people in discovering their personal power!
Welcome to building a successful and influential personal life coaching business!
Welcome to partnerships in empowering entrepreneurial women!
Welcome to clear alignment on partnership goals with my husband!
Welcome to working right alongside global leaders and influencers to further my personal growth!
Welcome to adventurous travels around the globe!
Welcome to attracting high vibration individuals who I can build meaningful and deep connections with!
Welcome to sharing new monthly blogs with the FemFab community!
Welcome to great relationships of abundance, wealth and prosperity!
Welcome to a healthy mind, body, soul and spirit!
Welcome to creating a family of my own!

Welcome chapter 2018! Let’s make this new year greater than the last, let’s make this one an extraordinary year! Who’s with me?!