I started this list earlier this month, and I must say…it’s been a heck of a December! The past 3 months of 2017 have been quite a roller coaster ride in the best sense and also some of the worst ways possible. Within just a month’s time, between settling back in from Vancouver, I’m packing up my last few things again before flying out in 11 hours and I wanted to share some year-end thoughts with you as my last blog entry of 2017 here on FEMFAB!

Here are the some of the biggest lessons and thoughts I’ve come to learn this year:

LOVE: Boundaries should be set and should be respected. Not because we want to keep people out, but to allow others to be aware of the boundaries we have – which express love towards us. It’s making their importance known so that people WE love and whom WE want to love us – know where the boundaries lie, such that they can love us more within them. Healthy communication, healthy boundaries are HEALTHY and necessary!

SELF LOVE: Walking away and letting go of those around us who no longer align with our values and goals is an act of self-love. It doesn’t mean we love them less, nor is it selfish. It means we realize our own love tank needs to be filled. And that sometimes out-growing people is part of the journey of self-discovery and self-love. It may sound harsh, however, it may lead to healthier reunions in the future. There’s nothing more draining than feeling the constant need to please those we ‘love.’ Fill your own cup before you try filling everyone else’s.

WORK: Give gratitude and always remind yourself why you do what you do. Ask yourself, is what you do what you love? Are you serving a greater purpose? Is it your soul’s purpose? Answer ‘yes’ to those more, and sure enough, work-life balance will flow, and so will the abundance and joy come flowing it’s way to you!

TRAVEL: This year, amidst all my travels, the #1 lesson I’ve learned is how insanely important it is to communicate our wants, needs and expectations in each trip when it comes to traveling with people we care about. Assuming people are on the same page just because we’ve all booked a trip together is wishful thinking (sometimes, in my experience.) Oh, and also that Europe is stunning, I am excited to go back one day!

This year I flirted with spontaneity and allowed the world to take care of me. I learned to trust my gut, my surroundings and people whom I met along the way.

FAMILY: Make the effort to spend quality time alone with each family member. I found sometimes when we are ALL TOGETHER, things get a bit messy. This year I enjoyed the time I spent with them 1 on 1 more, so much that I’d like to make this a yearly tradition. It gives me a chance to listen and to really focus on each individual family member. <3 #QualityTime

HEALTH: I’m chuckling as I am filling in this category because I’m currently chugging down my lemon and honey water while having to cough every few mins. or so. This Christmas, this is my body declaring it wants time off. As frustrated and disappointed I am with my current bodily state, it really reminds me of how grateful I am for all the days my body is in tip-top shape! Thank you body, for supporting me through EVERYTHING all the time. Also because I am a Massage Therapist by trade, I’m grateful my body allows me the strength to heal others and…myself.

LIFE: Letting go is my biggest lesson this year. Allowing myself to put into practice releasing many fears and boxes of memories has put things into perspective. Letting go creates space – not only in the physical realm, but also the spiritual realm of things. I’m grateful, nervous and excited all at the same time with all the momentum in my life right now!

ADVENTURE: Take the trip, take the chance! This year was filled with lots of spontaneity, in the form of trips, adventures and projects. I typically enjoy a fair amount of planning, however this year I’ve experienced allowing myself to embrace the flow of surrendering to what COULD come. E.g. in New York I moved around 4 times in a span of one week! Was it exhausting? Yes! Was I nervous? Yes. Did I plan it that way? NOPE! Was it one of the most amazing, exciting and educational weeks of my life? YES! This year I flirted with spontaneity and allowed the world to take care of me. I learned to trust my gut, my surroundings and people whom I met along the way.

Cheers to an amazing 2017, and for more incredible dreams becoming reality in 2018! I have a handful of exciting projects coming up in 2018 and I can’t wait to bring them to life. I’ll share more with you all very soon.

Happy Holidays <3

xo Esther