In early 2016, through work in my community, I was connected with the organization, Hope Story. Through faith and flow, I became an educational sponsor to a young girl named Amina Jummane – who is now 11yrs old. It is my personal belief that a good education is one of the most important and empowering gifts we can afford our children. “Our” being any and all children in this world.  A holistic education that values mind, body and spirit is sure to set these children up for success to contribute to our world in a way that benefits many.

The Amani School is working to close the learning gap between rural and urban students, to facilitate spiritual transformation and afford these children an opportunity in life that they would not otherwise have.

When I was asked if I would consider joining a Mission’s Team trip to the school, without hesitation I responded with a great big yes!  I am just now on the journey back to Canada filled with an experience that has affected me in a way far beyond what I could have ever imagined.

In a predominantly Muslim area, a Christian school has been built and growing for 8 years. There was much resistance in the beginning, but now the people have opened their hearts and homes to the Christian Community that is providing education at a private school level for their children. These people have so little. And many of us in Western society could never truly grasp unless given an opportunity to experience it. What amazed me, was how much they are willing to give, which also affirms my belief that you don’t have to “have much” to be able to give. Their hearts are full of grace.

We have connected through the barrier of language, our personal and/or religious beliefs, to focus on love and invest in creating connection and building relationships.

Through child sponsorship, donations, support and teachers’ dedication, (that would blow your mind), the school has grown to support over 300 children.

After 4 days in this village area, spending time with the teachers, students and families of this community, I’d like to share a few things. There is much that I don’t know, but from this experience I will share a few things I do now know…

What I know is ~ We/they continue to need help and support to keep this program going and have it in our hearts and vision to build a highschool for the current children of Amani.

What I know is ~ We are helping these children and providing their families with hope for a brighter future. Their gratitude will move you to tears (as it did me). Through a proper and advanced education, these children will have an opportunity to go on and obtain a career to help provide for their families.

The children are not just our future, the children are our now.💕

What I know is this ~ Muslim and Christian families have opened their hearts and their homes to me. They have shared their food and their stories with me. We have connected through the barrier of language and set aside our personal or religious beliefs to focus on love and invest in creating connection and building relationships. I have been invited back by people who live in a simple mud house to bring my family and stay any time. I have made new friendships and connected on a spiritual level with new brothers and sisters. We have shared tears, laughter and joy. We have stayed together, prayed together and embraced each other’s differences for the sake of love. My heart is full.

What I know is this ~ We are from different worlds with different cultures and different religious belief systems but on a soul level, from a space of love, we have experienced human connection. That is the wholeness of the human spirit in it’s best light.

What I know is ~ I believe that I am part of something far bigger than myself. This experience was an opportunity to expand in love, to both receive and share the light. It has given me a meaningful perspective allowing both faith and flow to develop at a deeper, soulful level.

What I know is ~ We all belong – God Bless.