Lisa’s vision is to live in a world whose leaders are truly connected and committed to giving, creating and living from a space of love.

She’s dedicated to serving both in her community and globally with organizations like: Hope Story, Onside Athletics, and Soup Sisters. She is very excited, having just returned home in July from Africa. Her journey was in collaboration with a team on a mission/vision project to give children, who would never have had a chance, to gain access to school and education.

When she’s not piloting a big ass Boeing 777 (as her dear friend says it) or coaching leadership and spirituality to beautiful superwomen who want to transform their lives and businesses through Love and self-love, you’ll find her coaching her sons’ soccer team, planning a yoga date, and definitely loving and embracing as much fun, travel and play-time as possible with her husband and two young sons.

She looks at every challenge, trigger and obstacle as an opportunity to Expand in Love!
Sometimes a heavy dose of jet-lag with young children and a husband who also travels for work, is enough to stop the madness, create allowance for some dark chocolate, a little red wine and some corny sitcoms~that might just be what today’s love lesson is~💕

She’s been coaching for 20+ years. It’s her belief and philosophy that Leadership is about having a strong faith in your vision, and confidence in your power to make positive change happen. With the fast paced time and society we live in, we can get caught up in the push of everyday life….that surviving not thriving vibe. So isn’t it time to give your super hero cape a little break? You don’t have to put it away (even though it’s really you, not the cape😉) Invite a little faith and flow…take the opportunity to expand in love.

When we focus on the love and light within and accept that we are beautiful and meaningful, exactly who we are supposed to be, we awaken the love within. The more love you create, the more that will come back! This movement will have such an impact in the lives of those you touch, that you will know you are doing your part. You will know you are honouring your gifts!
When you live from a heart-centred space and create alignment, you are living your truest most brilliant self~RKC


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