With all that is going on in our world today, it’s not hard to see why people have lost heart and lack faith in a bigger picture. We may have that inherent seeking or searching for our purpose and meaning as to why we are here, but there is a general sense of “feeling lost” and “lacking guidance”. There is invariably a dominant sense of fear and it is everywhere around us. How are we not to feel confused and sometimes powerless when the forces against us are overwhelming. Our world has become full of individualism, separatism, racism, patriarchy, cynicism, and even “The American Dream” has corrupted our perception of “what is” and what is “supposed to be”. These powers “that be” seem to be fully in control. We feel helpless to choose our own lives, much less a common life, or to see any overarching meaning. The world is so complex, and we are so small. What can we do but try to step forward everyday and keep afloat? How can we possibly make a difference, make an impact or create change?

I suggest that the answer in its best simplicity lies in Love. Love is the closest feeling to our truest source. The spiritual self, our higher self, our soul is connected to love, truth, wisdom, and peace within. Your spiritual self knows without a doubt how valuable and loveable you are. Your spiritual self knows that only love is real and our connection to that source is the most important journey you will have. When you are able to fully accept yourself with love and grace you will be empowered.

You see, our biggest problem lies our resistance. We resist love, we resist our source…
Just when we think things are good and all is flowing, resistance creeps in. Fears arise and create blocks. They hold us back from doing the things we want and are meant to do.
They keep us stuck in a place that’s driven by ego. I’m not talking about a shift in mindset or trying to control or dismiss negative thoughts that may arise and feelings that follow. I’m talking about creating a space for allowance, acceptance, faith and flow!

How do we break this cycle? We connect – we connect with our hearts, our soul, our source. We practice and cultivate a relationship with spirit. When we focus on the love and light within and accept that we are beautiful and meaningful, exactly who we are supposed to be, we awaken that love within. When we create a loving, compassionate and kind relationship with ourself and our source, it is only then that we can fully experience it with others. A shift in our perception of self, our perception of love, even our perception of our brokenness, will change everything. What if the choices you made empower you instead of disempowering you. What if your choices were expansive instead of making you shrink? What if you connected so deeply with that love and source within that you were able to live and breathe from a space of love, not fear.

Everything you are right here right now in this very moment is the miracle. You were born and in that miracle, you are enough. You have within you everything that you could ever need to live a life full of faith and flow.

I encourage you to imagine what it might feel like to embrace every thought, every feeling and every choice that you have made up until now as part of the journey that is leading unto you. Like every breathe that you take, with acceptance and grace, let it be.

The more love you create, the more that will come back! This movement will have such an impact in your life and the lives of those you touch, that you will know you are doing your part. You will know you are honouring your gifts and contributing in a way that will move and impact others.

You are brilliant! I see your greatness! So come, come and grow with me! Come and cultivate that spirit within to create a movement of love! Let’s ignite that faith and live with flow!

“When you live from a heart-centred space and create alignment, you are living your truest most brilliant self- the self you were intended to be”~RKC