I hear it all the time…

Q: “What’s your motivation to help others?”
A: “I want to help those less fortunate.”

“Less Fortunate”, huh?

I know it sounds like something ideal to say…almost textbook-like, but if this is a response you’re using, let’s pause for a moment and break it down.

Inadvertently, people use “less fortunate” with great intention, but do not recognize how it divides us and our ability to connect with one another. It puts a value system on people’s situations and classifies us as “more than” versus “less than”. Instead of focusing on what divides us, we need to look at what builds connection. Regardless of the situation and circumstance, we all know what it feels like to be hurt, scared, worried, wanting to laugh with someone, or hoping for a reaching hand to support us. Looking at other people as less fortunate is a judgement statement. It judges their situation and puts our own above theirs.

You cannot create a true, authentic connection with someone if you do not see them as your equal.

Go deeper. What is it that connects you to the situation? We’ve all been there when we’ve needed a supportive hand to help us. Maybe that support came, maybe it didn’t. Maybe you’re still waiting for it to come…

Let your understanding of what it means to have someone help you be your driving force to share that with others. I promise you, in my moments of need, the last person I want supporting me is someone who sees me as less than anything to them.

Now if you’re looking for the answer on what to say, that’s not for me to define. Come from a genuine place and don’t focus on what you should say, just focus on understanding your true “why”. Take time to think about what motivates you and get grounded.
Most important of all, come from Love. Always.