When people ask “what is your weakness?” I prefer to ask, “what is your area of opportunity?” Weakness to me, sounds discouraging and harsh.  

My “area of opportunity” is learning technology and catching up to speed with ever-changing trends. Do you see yourself shying away from something, or handing off a task to someone else for fear of the unknown or fear of failure?

Whether at work, the gym, or home, I feel most of us can relate to this “area of opportunity”. For example, perhaps you need to learn a new program in order to do your job well. Do you put it off because change is scary and uncomfortable? Or maybe you always do the same class at the gym even though we know there are 85 classes a week included in your membership. Ok, maybe the instructor is super motivating and entertaining, BUT what about all the other opportunities just waiting for you? Is it because you are comfortable with your routine? And it’s just easier? WHAT IF you tried a different class? Something outside of the ordinary. Dare I say, something outside your comfort zone? Here’s another question for you, when the service light goes on in your vehicle, do you dismiss the thought of figuring it out for yourself and automatically notify your significant other to deal with it? You are capable of learning new things and gaining knowledge strengthens your self-confidence and independence too.

…expanding your world is not to be feared. Exploring new opportunities are how we grow and develop as human beings.

My point is, expanding your world is not to be feared. Exploring new opportunities are how we grow and develop as human beings. We have challenges or obstacles thrown our way all through life. We can choose to ignore or deny these “tests” but staying in a box does not help us grow. The trial and errors we experience by accepting these areas of opportunities are what makes us stronger, more empowered, and successful. And as an added bonus, life will become more exciting too!

So we have two choices here:

  1.  Ignore the blind spot
  2. Ask for help. Learn. Just do it

My friends, next time you are faced with some sort of fear or unknown feeling, remember it is ok to make mistakes, for life is a journey. Go ahead! Open those doors that you think have closed. Maybe you have already peeked in and just need that little push of encouragement…